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- In 2019, I had the idea of creating a Project to continue recording the underground Punk Rock scene in SP. At the same time, social networks were already beginning to indicate that they would be one of the main tools for promoting bands, which no longer had the funds to promote their work and authorial releases. and in full growth was Facebook. So, I looked for an understanding of what I could provide in view of the facilities to publish the records made with photos and videos of the live shows. I quickly realized that I would need help, and I started to gather some friends, and then we formed our first team of Editors: Me (Ed), Carlinhos (JCA), Andrea Suzuki and Marco Fitas Quinho, Patrícia Barros and recently, our friend Zé da Roça completed the team. And when the weekend comes, now that we are out of the most serious restrictions of Covid, we have 3 shows

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